"InTouchMarketing did an excellent job of translating our marketing materials. They were very helpful in providing marketing expertise that helped us to reach our target market."


Ed Cline

Munroe Sutton

Hey there!

So, here's my story...

I spent 10 years working for a large UK corporation, honing my marketing skills, dealing with the inevitable office politics, meeting some great people and of course delivering some serious ROIs in the process!


2010 was a turning point for me and I started to realise that the balance was all wrong…it had become more about politics and red tape and less about what I am passionate about – marketing. So, I took the decision to set up on my own and InTouchMarketing was born.


In my quest to solve the marketing challenges of others I have had the pleasure of working with clients across the globe covering a wide variety of sectors and industries. Each partnership brings with it a unique set of circumstances and I have enjoyed putting the art, science and psychology of marketing to the test in coming up with solutions that have ultimately helped to grow their businesses.


…and of course I am still hungry for more!


I have a very flexible approach to pricing and am happy to work on a fixed price or hourly basis. With rates starting from as little as £20ph, even the smallest business can have professional marketing support at their fingertips.