Located in the UK, Greece and the Philippines, DeltaMeco provide crew and officers to some of the most prestigious vessel operators across the globe.

"We appointed InTouchMarketing to advise on how best to utilise marketing within our overall business model.  InTouchMarketing quickly identified that our recruitment costs were too high.  Through the development of a well designed website application, InTouchMarketing succeeded in reducing them by 40% within three months of launch."


Working with InTouchMarketing, DeltaMeco launched several initiatives to acquire new seafarers to their existing roster. As the volume of enquiries substantially increased, they now turned their attention to developing a more efficient way of managing the end-to-end process.


InTouchMarketing were appointed to investigate, develop and deliver an optimised solution; improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of this aspect of their business.


Following a series of meetings with key members of DeltaMeco's team of employees, InTouchMarketing was able to map out the current process and in doing so get a better understanding of the customer journey.


This journey was then further broken down to reflect the different stages of recruitment - from an unsuccessful candidate not added to the roster right through to a successful applicant being appointed to a position. Only in this way, could the current process be fully understood and the areas for improvement be identified.


InTouchMarketing developed an automated process for the management of all applications directly from the existing website. Filters were added to minimise the need for manual intervention.


InTouchMarketing succeeded in sourcing a suitable partner to develop a bespoke web based application and managed the process from briefing through to testing and completion.


Recognising an opportunity to standardise communications and optimise engagement with potential new talent, InTouchMarketing developed a series of template emails and letters that could be auto-generated by the new application.