Located in Australia, Infuse Investment Group offer an unrivalled approach to maximising asset value through operational expertise.

"Fantastic to work with - InTouchMarketing certainly know how to excite the content of a website."


Having completed a re-design of their existing website, Infuse Investment were looking to make the content more enticing and in particular to encourage more visitors to take advantage of their promotional offer of a free consultation.


Step one of this project was to gain a real understanding of the service offering and the key target market in order to develop a core proposition. Once this stage was completed a competitor review was undertaken to better understand how others were positioning themselves in the marketplace in order to create a point of difference.


To create a point of difference by ensuring that all the copy empowered the potential client, positioning Infuse Investment as the enabler. To further emphasise this, InTouchMarketing developed the following proposition "Smart financial thinking today will create a better tomorrow".


The content for the website was completely re-written starting with the headers on the Home Page. All were replaced to start with the word 'imagine'.


Each of the three key services was given a box out on the Home Page to make it easy for potential clients to learn more, with each click-through leading to a page offering the free consultation.


The promotional offer was moved to a prominent position on all pertinent web pages as well as being referred to in the body copy. The wording of the offer was changed from 'Free first consultation' to 'free one hour consultation' - making it a more succinct offer without further obligation.


As Property investment was one of the core services offered, a video scribe was developed to create a new dimension to the site and assist in increasing the dwell time.


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