Social Media

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to build on what you already have, InTouchMarketing can help you develop a strong and consistent presence on Social Media.


It all starts with understanding your specific goals and choosing the right channel(s) for you.  Service offering includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn

Data Analysis

InTouchMarketing loves data... there we have said it!


Whether you are looking to understand how your website is performing using Google Analytics or want to better understand how your prospects and customers are responding to your marketing campaigns, we can help.

Brand Building

A brand is the most valuable asset of any business as it sets you apart from your competitors.  It defines what you stand for and how you want to be portrayed - serious, playful, official, dependable ... anything is possible with the right look and feel, and tone of voice.


InTouchMarketing can help you define your brand and then ensure that it is consistently applied throughout all of your marketing activities.

Marketing Communications

Whether you are are looking to maintain a relationship with existing customers via a newsletter programme or to reach out to new ones, InTouchMarketing can take care of all of your marketing communication needs.


We are experienced in working with designers and agencies and know how to interpret your requirements into a brief that truly delivers.

Marketing Strategy

Not sure what direction to take your business in?  Looking to launch a new product or service?  InTouchMarketing can make sure that you have all the foundations in place to maximise your chance of success.


A marketing strategy needs to take into account all 7Ps of the marketing mix and take a critical look at the business model in order to define the USP and translate it into a core thought that will resonate with the target market.

Customer Experience

With so much choice open to customers, customer experience is rapidly becoming the key differentiator that provides those crucial word of mouth recommendations.


In essence, customer experience is all about assessing each and every touchpoint that a given customer has with your brand and optimising it.  It is not about bombarding them with sales messages at every opportunity but respecting the level of relationship that they want to have with your brand.

Strategic Planning

As someone once told me 'fail to plan, plan to fail!' ... this is never more true that when it comes to developing and executing a marketing campaign.  This can be as simple as a money off promotion to something more complex like a tiered competition.  A strategic plan is an essential tool to have in place.


By firstly understanding your specific goals, InTouchMarketing can put a strategic plan together to help you realise them.

Website Strategy

It is fair to say that a website has become a necessity for any business. For most it is their virtual shop window and provides an opportunity to truly showcase what they are about.


InTouchMarketing understands that a website must strike a balance between being visually appealing, informative and easy to navigate.  We can work with designers and web developers to help you achieve this.  Alternatively, for a lower cost option we can develop your website using either Weebly or Wix - it all depends on the level of sophistication that you are looking for.


Blogs articles, social media posts, web content, email, direct mail, advertising even book blurbs - if you need copy, InTouchMarketing can prepare it for you.


By understanding your brand, we can adapt our writing style to ensure that you present a consistent tone of voice.


Looking to create a newspaper advert or perhaps something to go in a glossy magazine?  InTouchMarketing can create an advert that will give you the standout you are looking for whilst utilising the space available as effectively as possible.


When it comes to advertising, 'less is definitely more!'