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What makes a good customer profile?

Recently, I have taken to re-watching the wonderful Sex and the City (SATC) and aside from the no-holds barred storylines; something else struck me... just how believable the characters are. I see much of myself in one of the main characters (not going to say who!) and can identify some of my close friends in others. And in true Carrie style - this got me thinking..... 'If we can identify with characters in our personal lives, why not in business?' After all, whilst we are all unique, certain traits in our behaviours, backgrounds and life choices effectively typify our blueprint or profile. Now I am not talking about the largely generic categorisations such as: Female, ABC1, aged between 25-45, educated, earning in excess of £50k pa and with a love of shopping Think about it.... I have just described all four of the SATC girls and we all know how different they are! When it comes to profiling your target customers, my advice is to think about how you would portray them as if you were creating a character in a book. One BIG caveat here though, remember you are creating a profile that can be identified with. Make it too specific to one individual customer and it will only be THAT person who can relate to it. Some questions you might like to consider are: How old is you ideal customer? (This means an actual age, not a grouping) Are they family oriented? Which industry are they likely to work in? What motivates them in life?

Where are they likely to go on holiday? Remember, you are creating the profile of your ideal customer. When answering the above, consider your brand and the product or service you are providing. What are the characteristics that you are looking for? Who is going to be the best possible fit? To help stimulate your thinking further, here is an extract from a customer profile that I put together for one of my clients: Meet Karen Karen is 38 and single. She lives in the South East of England and works for a graphics company in London. She studied art and design at college and would love to run her own business one day but is not ready to take the leap yet. Her high end salary affords her a great lifestyle and she likes nothing more than taking a trip down Oxford Street in her lunch hour. She doesn’t mind ‘splashing the cash’ as she feels she works hard and deserves to reward herself … her next purchase being that gorgeous new hot pink bag she saw in the window of Karen Millen the other day. She is well aware of fashion trends but tends to shop to suit her own individuality rather than relying entirely on the dictates of the season. Her wardrobe is very much an extension of her personality. She is not what you call a ‘shopaholic’; preferring to purchase a few key items of quality that reflect her look and add to her confidence. Can you picture Karen? Can you identify with Karen? Or do you recognise Karen in one of your friends? More importantly, can you imagine the kind of brands that Karen would be attracted to?

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