Located in Australia, Switched on Lighting are providers of turnkey energy efficient lighting solutions that reduce energy consumption, whilst providing significant cost reductions.

"InTouchMarketing has excellent marketing and advertising experience.  Very detailed.  Would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for simple to advanced marketing systems for their business"


Having established a successful business consisting mainly of customers in the retail sector, Switched on Lighting turned their sights to promoting induction lighting to the largely untapped industrial warehouse sector.


Having utilised cold calling with limited success, InTouchMarketing were tasked with developing a more effective strategy.


A number of immersion sessions took place with the client in order to understand more about the target market and their current perception of induction lighting. Through this approach, InTouchMarketing was able to identify that the main barrier to purchase was lack of awareness – not of Switched on Lighting, but of induction lighting in general.


Further analysis identified that the light preference of Warehouse Managers was metal halides – once the only real option and now superseded by improved lighting technology and in particular induction lighting.


Using this knowledge, InTouchMarketing took the decision to develop marketing materials that discredited metal halide lighting as being outdated and inefficient.


The sales team were equipped with highly intuitive leaflets that focused on educating warehouse managers on the key benefits when compared to metal halides. As there was no evidence to support the type of creative that this target audience were most likely to respond to, two versions of the leaflet were developed.


This was further supplemented with an advert and advertorial in a magazine targeted at this niche market, further enforcing the message and Switched on Lighting’s position of expert in their field.